Hannah Quaintance
Petrified WoodCattle BonePlains LubberCottontailsFour-Winged SaltbrushSnake WeedShotgun ShellsRattlesnake SkinMormon TeaPincate Beetles ("stinkbugs")Great-Grandma's Sewing ScissorsYucca Seed PodsRabbit SkullSilverleaf NightshadeFecesCreosote ("rain-in-the-desert")Cicada Shells
This collection of jars was a project that began during a three-week independent retreat in Radium Springs, NM. Alone in the desert, I was reminded that the land holds stories, from my family as well as from others have inhabited it. There is a sense of history I feel in the still desert. With this piece I focused on the idea of preservation. The dry, desert landscapes are a part of the country that many people fight to preserve through legislative action but preservation is also an inherent characteristic of these arid environments. During my walks each day I would find remnants of insects and animals, pieces of moments that had been frozen by the arid climate. I began saving and labeling these moments, preserving them like memories of my home in the desert.